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Powertex is a liquid medium that dries fast and is weather resistant once cured. Powertex comes in a variety of premixed colors and is ready to use right out of the bottle.

Powertex is an environmentally friendly water based fabric hardener that gives form to your art creations, crafts and home decorations. It can be combined with materials such as wood, concrete, sand, textiles, paper, etc, but it will not adhere to plastic.


Powertex liquids are a mixture of high quality pigments and do not require any addition of paint or coloring. Different colors of Powertex can be mixed together to create new colors. We offer primary colors of Red, Blue and Yellow as well as Ivory and Black.


Once your Powertex project has dried, layers of oil paints, acrylics paints, dyes and various other art mediums can be added to create dimension in your artwork. It is best not to mix other liquid mediums into the Powertex liquid itself because this dilutes the mixture and interferes with its hardening qualities. We do offer a variety of wonderful additives such as, Powertex 3D Flex powder, Stone Art powder and Rusty powder which create amazing textures and effects. See our info pages on how to use these great products!

Fabric sculpting is made possible by dipping fabric or other textiles into Powertex liquid. The treated fabric can then be draped, folded, pleated and manipulated in countless ways to create unique statues and sculptures. Once applied, Powertex begins to dry quickly, hardening time will depending on the current room temperature. Once it has dried completely, your object will be very hard and extremely durable.    

Powertex can also be applied on canvas as a paint or used to create depth, texture and versatility with other canvas art mediums. It can be used in gourd crafting, doll making, assemblage, art books, altered art and jewelry making!

Mixing Powertex with Stone Art opens up a whole new world of creative options. Stone Art can be used to create clay, texture paste and when mixed with Powertex liquid makes for an excellent adhesive medium for embedding or adhering large artistic elements.





Mix equal amounts of a colored Powertex and Stone Art. Transparent is not recommended because it dries clear. Add additional powder until it is firm enough to roll between your hands. Continue to add Stone Art to get desired texture.

The paste which you prepare should be used up within an hour and a half or you can store left over amounts in an air tight container.

Beautiful beads and necklace pendants can be made by rolling clay in Power Color and accenting with Color Tricx.


Start by applying Powertex to canvas or molded statue with a brush, sprinkle Stone Art powder over the wet liquid and rub it in with a circular motion. Wipe of excess powder.

Continuing to rub the Stone Art will create a polished effect. The more you polish the surface, the darker the color will be.

By layering Powertex, Stone Art and Power Colors you can create depth and texture on canvas, panels or Styrofoam shapes.

Imitation bronze effects can be easily created by high lighting with a touch of gold paint or bronze Color Tricx.

Things that can be used to bring new life to your creations:

Aluminum foil, masking tape, T-shirt, old sheets, scrap fabric, old blue jeans, thin wire, cardboard, scrap wood, dowel rods

Leaves, twigs, branches, rocks, sand

Acrylic crafters clay, glue, glitter, beads

Scrapbook supplies and left-over's

What else do you have at home or in the studio?


Power Colors and Color Tricx are dry powdered pigments which can be brushed onto the surface of wet Powertex sculptures to add vibrant colors and metallic accents.

If the sculpture has dried already, these pigments can be mixed in a small amount of easy varnish and used the same way to highlight your work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mixing the powdered pigments into Powertex Transparent will not create a solid color, Transparent dries clear and will only suspend the powder partials in the clear medium layer.


Before placing any art work outside, we suggest applying three coats of Easy Varnish seal the Stone Art or pigments after the figure has dried. Very large sculptures can be sealed with Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane Spray once cured. Stone Art and Power Color or Color Tricx is not weatherproof by itself and will wash off with rain.

Acrylic paint can be painted on the dried surface of a sculpture to add an unlimited range of colors your art work.

Using a turn table while making projects can be very handy. If you don’t have a turn table, you can use an inexpensive, plastic cake decorator’s turn table. Powertex adheres wonderfully to anything except plastic! So, clean up is made easy by covering your work area with plastic.

Wearing gloves can be helpful but is not necessary. Any left over wash water can be poured outside or in your flower garden.

Do not allow Powertex liquid to freeze, as it will cause the product not to set up properly. Always stir well with a dowel rod to insure proper mixing.


 Tips for Using Powertex

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“Tao ”

By Susan Crowe

Powertex, Stone Art, Power Color

and acrylic

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