Turning Your Imagination Into Art

Fiber art, mixed media, textile sculpture, assemblage, altered art, collage, 3D canvas art, embellishment art, paper art, art dolls, jewelry making, gourd crafting, clay making, altered books,  found object art, photo transfer . . . And more!

Powertex liquid makes it possible for today’s imaginative artist to create fascinating works of art from previously incompatible materials. Textiles, paper, natural elements, polymer clay, etc. can all be used to create intriguing textures, unusual designs and fascinating visual effects.

Powertex liquid will harden nearly any porous surface and transform it into a durable work of art. This product is simple and easy to use, straight from the bottle, has remarkable adhesive abilities and has been awarded the AP Seal of safety as a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product.


The creative possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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AP seal certifies that a product has been proven to be non-toxic and safe for use by adults and children.

Belgium Blue Stone



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“The Nexus”

Susan P. Crowe

Transparent Powertex, green Powertex, stone art, stockinette, bister, power colors, tissue paper and acrylic.

Wall Sculpture on Canvas




Give your creations the look of aged copper! Powertex green highlighted with copper Color Tricx can recreate the patina found on weathered copper art work .

Powertex art - Brigitte Grade